New tools are like new screens on to which we can project our ideas. Creativity is helping us see the world and interact with it in new ways, and in the process, we learn about ourselves. This tool by itself will not solve any of humanity’s problems, but it already is an essential component in the development of new tech, and maybe it can mirror to us a new point of view.

Creativity Moves Us

We came a long way with our vision. Looking back, it becomes apparent to us that advancements in film and video technologies are advancing our imagination just as much as the other way around. We now can create realistic 3D environments, believable characters, and seamless special effects. We possess the power to manipulate every visual and sonic aspect into a parallel reality. So it’s no wonder that creators around the world are inventing new uses and experiences for VR every single day. Major industries like real-estate, marketing, medicine, tourism, retail, events, not to mention gaming, sports, and entertainment, are being disrupted by VR. It appears that VR is a required step in the march to our technological destiny.

Take a look at some notable examples:

A New Language

Moving from video to VR/360 video is not an obvious transition. Most of our filmmaker colleagues have expressed resistance to VR as an artistic tool. It’s understandable, it is not necessarily the same field, just as a poet and a novelist are closely related and yet not the same. Moreover, this is a new creative language, and we still lack both in the understanding of it and in an artistic body of work to build upon and draw inspiration from. Our experience in video allows us to critique our VR creations better, but we are learning and inventing a language, and man, that shit takes time!

Arrival of a Train at La Ciotat (The Lumière Brothers, 1895)

Our Version to the classic

Following Curiosity

Much like the creators at the beginning of motion pictures, our drive is fueled by people’s reactions to the VR experiences we provide them. We eagerly collect them for analysis in our lab. Here are some notable impressions we gathered so far:

  • Whenever we film in a public setting with our 360 camera, people from all walks of life are excited and curious about what we’re doing, how the camera works, how we make a living with it, and how they should go about experiencing it. Even in places like the old city of Jerusalem.

  • Almost everyone knows about the technology, but not many had the chance to try it. Most are excited to experience it.

  • When they do experience it - Minds are being blown! When the scene is immersive, people love to be engaged, and they can stay engaged for a pretty long while.

  • Another exceptional experience has to do with recording memories. People are struck by this new way of documenting. The ability to step back into your road trip or wedding in such a realistic way is comforting in ways we never felt before with any other format.

We take these findings and use them to improve the experiences we create and better benefit viewers and businesses we work with. The more we discover the greater our urge to investigate and create. So if there’s any conclusion to point out, it is this - If you want to know if VR speaks to you, as a creator, a business owner or a user, you must give it a go.

Join Us On This Journey

This is just the tip of the tip of the iceberg. There’s so much more we want to talk to you about, like questions of ethics, fears of a disconnected future, wearables, love… Conversations we need to have if we want to intentionally do good with VR. So please stay tuned and share your thought! Did you experience VR? Are you using VR in your business? Do you have any technical questions?

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Thank you for reading!

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