Our process is highly dynamic and changes depending on the project and requirements, but it's important that you'll know what you'll be getting when working with us. 


We gather the information we need to create the most effective, creative ideas. We write a script that will answer to the project’s needs within budget and present it to you. This is where any concerns or corrections considering the scripts can be brought up before moving forward into production.

Once we get the go-ahead we move into pre-production in which we A. Set up a schedule for all production stages until completion, B. Gather all necessary elements for the shoot: Location scouting, casting, recruiting, etc.


We use cutting-edge equipment and bring in the best video professionals to capture our story. We will ask that the client can be available to us production days to help with logistics.


We A. Edit all video and audio materials and present to you a bare version for approvals (before moving into Online editing). B. Online editing includes Special effects, 3D graphics, color grading, music and sound design. Meeting the intended schedule is largely dependent on your response rate. We love to give you the time you need to look it over, but please consider your own deadline agendas. 


We submit to you the finished product. Hooray! After the project is done, we want to make sure that our product will serve you in the best possible way. We provide technical and creative support - Please use it!