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Using our studio capabilities, we have an almost unlimited amount of control over your production needs.

Whether it’s a simple or complex shoot, interview, full body green-screen for live key or post needs, LED wall background and more.

Our dedicated studio i n LA has some of the best equipment around

- Internet: Two optic fiber streaming capabilities and backup wifi signal

- Full body 12X12 Green screen wall

- Three 4K Cameras

- Industry-leading Audio and Light hardware

- Multi-computing GPU power, including Video servers, Unreal Engine and Vmix system to stream from multiple locations simultaneously.

Here is a partial list of the services we offer

In-studio Recording and Stream

whether you are looking for live or prerecorded event, small gathering, live event, conference, concert or interview filming, we can help you achieve your goals, make sure that everything runs smoothly, and make your content look and feel great. We record the content in 4K, and, depending on your setup, we can mix and map the content live to anywhere in the world, integrate and mix with other videos and assets,

Remote Live Stream

We can connect every-one, anywhere, anytime. Using our designated remote recording kit or the presenter hardware, we are able to mix a video to our main stream and from there to any live platform. Using Vmix and other tools, we make sure that we are streaming i n the highest audio and video quality.

Connecting with any streaming platform

When it comes to the stream itself, we really have no l imitation. We can load the video to any social platform, like FB, Youtube, or Vimeo, share on private or public meetings like Zoom or hangout, or even stream directly into the client website or private platform, add more features, like chats, private rooms, donation system, and have more control on the guests.

Most Importantly, We offer a professional knowledge to ensure your show will run smoothly and uninterrupted while having maximum control over the streaming and quality.

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